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Jun 29, 2006

Channel N for Neuro

Welcome to Channel N. Each post spotlights one educational video webcast. Today's pick:

  • Title: Neuroethics: The ethics of brain research
  • Description: "The rapid pace of brain research points towards new ways to understand the brain and ourselves. New treatments for brain disorders are on the horizon and imaging technology allows us to see the brain in action. But at the same time, we must consider the consequences of how brain research is applied. Find out about the hopes and fears of those at the leading edge of brain research and take part in a discussion on neuroethics."
  • Producer: The European Dana Alliance for the Brain with the Science Museum's, UK.
  • Featuring: Host William Safire welcomes Professors Paul Matthews, Chris Kennard, and Nikolas Rose.
  • Format: Embedded WMV video
  • Date: 23/06/05
  • Length: 01:17:00
  • Link:


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