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Jul 26, 2006

The Female Brain

[Not, technically, video - it's a single photo, presumably of the researcher but that's not clear, over an audio track of a phone interview. At least it's edited.]

title The Female Brain
description Interview with Dr. Louann Brizendine, researcher and author of the hot new book, The Female Brain, on neuroanatomically-based sex differences, female-centred neuropsychiatry, and more.
producer Newsweek
featuring Louann Brizendine
format Flash
date 27/07/06
length 00:07:59
level basic

NOTE: Dr. Brizendine makes the claim that females have 11% more mirror neurons and that's why women are more emotionally empathic. Hmm.


The Science of Love, part 3

title I Want A New Drug
description Prescient (if goofy) 1980s pop song associating love with neurochemicals. Lyrics.
producer Chrysalis Records
featuring Huey Lewis and the News
format YouTube
date 1983
length 00:03:28
level sub-basic


Neuroscience for patients

title Searching for Answers: From Understanding Principles to Optimizing Function
description Five introductory productions, titled Healthy Brain Aging: Doing It Right, Movement Disorders: Surgical Approaches, Spinal Cord Injury: Developing Prosthetic Arms, Improving Language & Literacy, and Autism: Early Detection & Improving Outcomes. DVD compiling all five is available free by snail mail to Americans (email re: other locations).
producer Society for Neuroscience
featuring (no text info available)
format Flash
date 2005
length 00:05:00 approx. each
level basic


Jul 25, 2006

1931 Harvey Cushing neurosurgery

The above portrait of Harvey Cushing by John Singer Sargent was reproduced on a 1988 American postage stamp.

title 2KTumor
description "Harvey Cushing's 2000th Verified Brain Tumor Operation filmed on April 15, 1931 The procedure was photographed and edited by Walter W. Boyd, MD, and Richard U. Light, MD, and narrated by Dr. Light. It begins with Gilbert Horrax preparing the patient and continues through the conclusion of the surgery and a follow-up visit to the patient. As one of Dr. Cushing's last residents, Dr. Light was well qualified to tell this story and includes vignettes about Mildred Codding, Louise Eisenhardt, and 'Adolph.'"
producer Drs. Boyd and Light, Yale University
featuring Harvey Cushing
format .mov
date 1931
length clip approx. 00:02:00, order full length video $$$
level basic


Jul 23, 2006

Brain-Machine Interfaces

title Brain-Machine Interfaces
description "Brain-machine interfaces promise to aid paralyzed patients by re-routing movement-related signals around damaged parts of the nervous system. A new study in Nature demonstrates a human with spinal injury manipulating a screen cursor and robotic devices by thought alone. Implanted electrodes in his motor cortex recorded neural activity, and translated it into movement commands. A second study, in monkeys, shows that brain-machine interfaces can operate at high speed, greatly increasing their clinical potential. This Nature Web Focus includes exclusive interviews and video footage of experiments, alongside papers that paved the way for these recent advances."
producer Nature
featuring various researchers
format streaming Flash
date 2006
length five clips approx. 00:05:00 each
level advanced


Jul 20, 2006

Ear and Brain

TitleRead My Lips – Can You Hear Me?
DescriptionSurrounded by the constant barrage of noise, how do our ears and brain process hearing? What other facial cues do we rely on for the free flow of conversation? And how do people who cannot hear communicate? Various demonstrations at a live event. Organised by The European Dana Alliance for the Brain and the Medical Research Council.
ProducerDana Centre
Featuringunidentified host and unintroduced guests (no video titling, no online info, no contact email - welcome to webcasting)
FormatWMV (online Javascript or external player)
Length01:30:00 approx.


Jul 19, 2006

The Science of Love, part 2

TitleThe Science of Attraction: Why Do People Fall in Love?
DescriptionInterview about the neurobiology of romantic love, with researcher Dr. Helen Fisher on the Today show.
FeaturingHelen Fisher, Matt Lauer
Length00:05:00 approx.


Jul 18, 2006

Stroke And Neurogenesis

Title Stroke and Neurogenesis
Description NIH Videocast lecture with David A. Greenberg, M.D., Ph.D. of the Buck Institute for Age Research.
ProducerNational Institute of Health
Featuring David A. Greenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
FormatRealVideo podcast


Jul 17, 2006

Depression treatment in the news

  • Title: Teens, Depression, Cognitive Therapy and Prozac
  • Description: "A study of depressed teenagers on the comparative benefits of cognitive behavior therapy and antidepressants tells us what we already suspected: therapy+medication=best treatment." Report based on March et al. (2004).
  • Producer: CBC-TV News
  • Featuring: Paul Raeburn, reporter Maureen Taylor
  • Format: YouTube
  • Date: unknown
  • Length: 00:02:33
  • Link:


Jul 13, 2006


  • Title: Radiosurgery: A Noninvasive Brain Tumor Treatment Option
  • Description: Presented at the "Diagnosis Brain Tumor: You Are NOT Alone" conference, Oct 15,2005 JFK Medical Center, Edison, NJ, USA.
  • Producer: Musella Foundation For Brain Tumor Research
  • Featuring: Susan Pannullo, MD
  • Format: embedded Google Video (click above). Entire conference available on DVD.
  • Date: 15/10/05
  • Length: 00:31:45
  • Link:


Jul 12, 2006

Evolutionary Psychology

  • Title: Stephen Pinker interviewed by Robert Wright
  • Description: In-depth interview focussing on evolutionary psychology, but he also discusses his hairstyle.
  • Producer: Slate
  • Featuring: Stephen Pinker
  • Format: embedded Windows Media and RealMedia
  • Date: 2006
  • Length: 00:59:03
  • Link:


Jul 11, 2006

DBS Neuroethics

One of a collection of videos at the Library of Congress from the 2005 neuroethics conference Hard Science, Hard Choices: Ethical Questions & Public Policies For the Emergent Science of the Brain.

  • Title: Deep Brain Stimulation And Other Brain Technologies
  • Description: "In May 2005, the Library of Congress, the Dana Foundation, Columbia University, and the National Institute of Mental Health gathered leaders in neuroscience and ethics to discuss the rights and wrongs of using or not using new therapies and enhancements. By defining the most advanced and promising research findings, the conference sought to dispel public confusion about what brain science today can and cannot do."
  • Producer: Library of Congress
  • Featuring: Gerald Fischbach, Andres Lozano, John Donoghue, Mahlon DeLong, Robert Goodman, Dennis Spencer, William Heetderks, Mary Faith Marshall, Paul Root Wolpe
  • Format: RealMedia
  • Date: 10/05/05
  • Length: 01:49:00
  • Link:


Jul 10, 2006

Brain Development

A bit more serious than a singing cartoon mouse:

  • Title: Brain Development
  • Description: "UCSD cognitive scientist Joan Stiles reveals the latest understandings about the intricate relationship between biology and external influences in the development of the brain."
  • Producer: UCSD-TV
  • Featuring: Joan Stiles
  • Format: RealVideo
  • Date: 22/03/06
  • Length: 00:58:00
  • Link:


Neuroanatomy Song

  • Title: Pinky and The Brain - Brainstem
  • Description: Animated neuroanatomy song and dance by a mouse. Funny but accurate. Link to German version as well.
  • Producer: unknown
  • Featuring: Pinky and The Brain
  • Format: embedded/YouTube
  • Date: unknown
  • Length: 00:01:22
  • Link:


Jul 2, 2006

The Science of Love part 1

The Lowdown vlog features a Valentine's video on basics of the neurochemistry of love A very popular Valentine's story (now on par with the neurochemistry of chocolate canard), this is a videoblogging take on it. It's hip and fresh to do a vlog on neuroscience with a graffiti background.

  • Title: The Lowdown 018
  • Description: "Tom gives you the lowdown on what 'love' is, on more then the heartfelt, mushy mushy level. Move aside broken hearts and empty souls and make room for chemical imbalance, mental strain and depression!"
  • Producer:
  • Featuring: Tom
  • Format: mpeg4 and Quicktime
  • Date: 14/02/05
  • Length: 00:03:07
  • Link:


Jul 1, 2006

Mapping Perception

Today, a short sci-art film.

  • Title: Mapping Perception
  • Description: "MAPPING PERCEPTION examines the limits of human perception through an investigation of impaired brain function [Joubert Syndrome], making visible the connections between scientific and artistic explorations of the human condition, probing the thin membrane between the able and the disabled."
  • Producer: "Giles Lane, curator and producer (Proboscis), Andrew Kötting, the acclaimed director of Gallivant and This Filthy Earth, and Mark Lythgoe, neurophysiologist at the Institute of Child Health, London with the participation of Eden Kötting." For his efforts, Lythgoe won the prestigious Dorothy Hodgkin Award Lecture by the British Association for the Advancement of Science.
  • Featuring: Eden Kotting, Dudley Sutton, Benji Ming, Leila McMillan, Andrew Kotting, Mark Lythgoe and Billie McKloed Kotting
  • Format: Quicktime online; offline available PAL & NTSC VHS videos (with book and cd-rom) or 35 mm film
  • Date: May 2002
  • Length: 00:37:00 (clips online vary)
  • Link:


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