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Jan 19, 2007

The Potential of Potentials

title Brain Computer Interface Systems: Progress and Opportunities
description "A brain computer interface (BCI) allows users to communicate without movement. BCIs infer user intent through direct measures of brain activity, usually via EEGs. BCIs are the only means of communication possible for some severely disabled users and are becoming increasingly useful to healthy subjects. The talk will present: 1) EEG and other brain imaging technologies, 2) components of a BCI, 3) how to build and use several different BCI systems, 4) videos of BCIs, and 5) future directions. Emphasis will be placed on recent advances and implications for practical commercial BCI systems."
producer Microsoft Research
featuring Brendan Allison, Ph.D.
format Microsoft has considerately limited viewing of this video to users with Explorer and Windows Media Player. Which I have, but pssh. Jerks.
date 26/06/06
length 00:59:37



At 03:44, Blogger Brendan said...

Quick follow up -

Since my Microsoft talk last year, there has been a lot more buzz about improved sensors. The Quasar system described here was presented at a conference in Beijing in July 2007 (Trejo et al., 2007). Florian Popescu and colleagues have a new paper out about dry electrodes. Emotiv and many other companies present inexpensive functional near infrared (fNIR) systems.
-Brendan Allison

At 14:10, Blogger Sandra said...

Good to hear, and thanks for the update, Brendan. If you do any new talks available online, please let me know. :)


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