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Apr 5, 2007

Bipolar Children

title Keeping Kids Healthy: Bipolar Disorder in Children
description A controversial topic. "... an in-depth visit with three children who have been diagnosed as bipolar, and meet the parents who care for them. And hear what two of the field's leading experts have to say about proper diagnosis and treatment: how to recognize the disorder in your child, how to avoid those all-too-easy incorrect diagnoses, and what you really need to know to get the right treatment for your child."
producer Keeping Kids Healthy
featuring Drs. Gabrielle Carlson and Jill Goldberg Arnold, parents, kids
format Google video
date 16/09/06
length 27:13
video link



At 12:59, Blogger al fin said...

One of the big problems in my profession is trying to keep untrained Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists from trying to practice Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Everybody wants to get into the act, as Jimmy Durante used to say.

In many parts of North America, even General Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists are unavailable, so general practitioners prescribe most of the psychiatric meds to children and adolescents.


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