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May 30, 2007

Yucky Anti-Drug PSA

title Anti drugs commercial: Eating your brain
description "A very graphic, but very cool anti drugs commercial that shows you are literally eating your brains bits by bits every time you take drugs." Uh-huh. There are good reasons to not take illicit substances, but couldn't they be more honest about them in a public service announcement? Metaphor, right. But as one commenter said, "That's one nasty commercial. Would it do any good except make people throw up tho?"
producer unknown, possibly New Zealand
featuring actors
format Flash embed
date unknown
length 00:00:30

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May 28, 2007

Does Pot Cause Psychosis?

title Cannabis and Psychosis: Is There a Causal Link?
description Keynote address from the Simon Fraser University's Cannabis, Mental Health and Addiction: What is Evidence Based Policy? Includes slides.
producer Simon Fraser University
featuring Prof. David Fergussen
format Quicktime
date 23/02/06
length approx one hour


May 21, 2007

A Great Canadian

title Great Canadian Psychology Researcher -- Endel Tulving
description From the Great Canadian Psychology Researcher series from U of Alta comes this bio of U of T cognitive scientist Endel Tulving. Tulving wrote The FACT, referring to ‘The First Axiom of Consciousness and Thought’ – ‘If a thing is not alive, it cannot be conscious, nor can it think.’ Read more, including criticism (sorta).
producer U of Alta and academic partners
featuring Endel Tulving
format embed
date unknown
length unknown (brief)


May 13, 2007

On Suicide

title An interview with Kay Redfield Jamison
description Kay Redfield Jamison on suicide, art, science, herself, bipolar disorder and mental health; 1999 interview by Charlie Rose after publication of Night Falls Fast.
producer Charlie Rose
featuring Kay Redfield Jamison
format Google Video
date 10/26/1999
length 00:17:33
direct video link



title Art and the Brain
description Talk on synaesthesia, and art and the brain by V.S. Ramachandran.
producer Mind Science Foundation
featuring V.S. Ramachandran
format Quicktime
date unknown
length 01:10:47
direct [audio] link


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