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Jun 7, 2007

Ultra High Gamma

title Ultra high gamma in the human electrocorticogram
description "From Neurons to Brain Activity: Scientists Discuss Modeling the Brain at Multiple Levels. Calit2 at UCSD played host over the weekend to the public portion of a three-day workshop on multi-level brain modeling. The weekend was organized by the Sloan/Swartz Center for Theoretical Neurobiology at the Salk Institute and UCSD's Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience. Multi-level brain modeling explores the relationships between measurements that span multiple levels of the brain -- from the molecular properties of synapses, the dynamic properties of single neurons, the collective properties reflected in local field potentials, and the bulk properties of brain activity as measured with EEG, MEG and fMRI. According to Salk's Terry Sejnowski, an academic participant in Calit2 and UCSD's Institute of Neural Computation, who chaired the Atkinson Hall session, each of these levels has a substantial literature but too little effort has been put into understanding how they are related. Sejnowski's introduction and four talks at Calit2 [available at the same link] were aimed at a more general audience, and set up the discussion for ensuing technical talks."
producer California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology at UCSD
featuring Robert Knight
format RealVideo
date 04/10/06
length 00:39:10
direct video link

See also this video from the same series.



At 15:54, Blogger Chris Chatham said...

This is great. I met Erik Edwaurds once (he gets mentioned a few times in the talk) - really cool guy. Plus I just think that phase-coupling is takes the cake for coolest-possible-neural-computation-mechanism.

At 18:51, Blogger Sandra said...

Phase-coupling is cool indeed. Glad you liked the video!


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