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Aug 30, 2007

Networked Circadian Clocks

title For whom the bells toll: Networked circadian clocks in the brain
description Seminar on the neurobiology of circadian clocks in rats.
producer Harvard Medical School Dept. of Neurobiology
featuring Erik Herzog
format Real Video with Flash (slideshow with video)
date 16/01/07
length 01:15:00


Aug 21, 2007

Positive Praise

title Emotions That Praise Others and Change the Self
description "Jonathan Haidt discusses his research on three rarely studied emotions in the field of positive psychology: moral elevation, admiration, and awe. Positive psychology is the scientific study of positive emotions, strengths-based character, and healthy institutions."
producer Boston College
featuring Jonathan Haidt
format Real Video or mp3
date 30/03/06
length 01:51:36


Aug 16, 2007

Behavioural Neuroscience Lab

title Grisham's Ultimate Lecture: Olfactory and Limbic Systems
description One of a series of lectures from Psychology 116 - Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory. Subscribe to their podcasts here.
producer UCLA Office of Instructional Development
featuring William Grisham
format Real Video, or mp3
date 09/12/06
length 01:05:42
direct video link
drect audio link


Aug 13, 2007

Neuroinformation Theory

title The 4 C's of Neuroinformation Theory
description "Coding, computing, control and cognition." Accompanying PowerPoint here. Series archive.
producer IBM Research's Almaden Institute Conference
featuring Tony Berger
format Google GVP
date 11/05/06
length 00:51:02


Aug 11, 2007

Defining Consciousness

[image: Morning Consciousness (2004), Dionisio Ceballas]

title Is Consciousness Definable?
description "One problem is that there are too many definitions! And getting these four guests to agree on what consciousness is and what causes it, is a fun but hopeless task that is revelatory at the same time. These four leading brain scientists couldn't even agree on at what level a simple "memory" was stored, whether as a gross "brain circuit," at the synapse between nerve cells, or in the microstructure of the nerve cells as some sort of quantum effect. But why should it be any different now? Philosophers have debated the "mind-body problem" and the existence of "free will" for thousands of years. However, never before have we been in a position to examine the brain with such precision." Philosophy, anaesthesiology, psychiatry, sociology, cognitive science and more tossed together. TV series page.
producer PBS's Closer to Truth, hosted by Research Channel
featuring Christof Koch, Leslie Brothers, Joseph E. Bogen, Stuart Hameroff with host Robert Kuhn
format WMP or Quicktime
date 2004
length 00:27:02


Aug 10, 2007


[image: the best-in-show bot at Robogames 07. When I blocked its path, it stopped moving forward and asked my name. I didn't answer but took this photo.]

title Transrobotism (Human-Robot Bonds)
description "When a humanoid robot successfully mirrors human emotion and evokes an emotional response from us, what happens to our understanding of ourselves and our emotional reality? This provocative panel discussion on the emerging new realities of human-machine relationships is guaranteed to change the way you think!"
producer WGBH Lectures
featuring Moderated by Pia Lindman, the panel consisted of Rodney Brooks, Joy Hirsch, Sherry Turkle, Peter Galison, and David Rodowick.
format Real Media video or audio, and mp3
date 24/04/07
length 01:51:36
direct audio link

Here's a child interacting with the robot pictured above:

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Aug 8, 2007

Common Sense Modeling

[image is the logo of Dr. Forbus' Qualitative Reasoning Group at Northwestern University]

title Qualitative modeling of common sense understanding
description Interactive virtual colloquim on cognitive modeling.
producer Cognitive Science Society
featuring Ken Forbus
format Flash interactive (without a pause button)
date 09/12/02
length in slide/audio segments, total approx 01:30:00


Aug 6, 2007


[image depicting exocytosis from Inner Life of the Cell]

title Measuring Exocytosis in Neurons Using Time-Lapsed Imaging
description A cute molecular biology grad student demonstrates how to measure exocytosis in cultured neurons. The Journal of Visual Experiments (JoVE) is an open access science journal vlog of sorts, publishing videotaped research and interviews.
producer authors Jamila Newton and Venkatesh Murthy, Harvard Universary
featuring Jamila Newton
format annotated streaming
date 30/11/06
length 00:06:55


Aug 4, 2007

Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson's

title Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease
description Webcast with lecture on autonomic, psychological and non-anatomical effects of Parkinson's Disease, by neurologist Dr. Mandar Jog of St. John's, Newfoundland (fab accent). Followed by one-hour Q&A answering questions from the web and live audiences.
producer Parkinson Society Canada/Societe Parkinson Canada
featuring Mandar Jog
format streaming in popup window
date **/06/06
length 02:00:12


Aug 2, 2007

Lucifer Effect

title The Lucifer Effect
description Situationist psychology from Phil Zimbardo (of the Stanford Prison Experiment), on evil and The Lucifer Effect. "Philip Zimbardo helps us understand what causes people who began life with good intentions, to discard them."
producer MIT
featuring Philip Zimbardo
format Real Media, video or audio
date 02/04/07
length 01:50:51
direct video link
direct audio link


Aug 1, 2007

Social Anxiety

title Social Anxiety Disorder
description "What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Is it simply a severe form of shyness? Join Dr. Granet as he talks with leading expert, Dr. Murray Stein, about this disorder that affects approximately 5% of the general population. Find out the symptoms and latest treatments that are available." Health Matters Show ID 12228
producer UCTV: UCSD
featuring Murray Stein
format Google video GVP
date 15/03/07
length 00:28:10


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