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Aug 11, 2007

Defining Consciousness

[image: Morning Consciousness (2004), Dionisio Ceballas]

title Is Consciousness Definable?
description "One problem is that there are too many definitions! And getting these four guests to agree on what consciousness is and what causes it, is a fun but hopeless task that is revelatory at the same time. These four leading brain scientists couldn't even agree on at what level a simple "memory" was stored, whether as a gross "brain circuit," at the synapse between nerve cells, or in the microstructure of the nerve cells as some sort of quantum effect. But why should it be any different now? Philosophers have debated the "mind-body problem" and the existence of "free will" for thousands of years. However, never before have we been in a position to examine the brain with such precision." Philosophy, anaesthesiology, psychiatry, sociology, cognitive science and more tossed together. TV series page.
producer PBS's Closer to Truth, hosted by Research Channel
featuring Christof Koch, Leslie Brothers, Joseph E. Bogen, Stuart Hameroff with host Robert Kuhn
format WMP or Quicktime
date 2004
length 00:27:02



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