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Dec 9, 2007

Sleep Disorders

[Image: top row shows brain activity during a math task with adequate sleep, while the bottom row shows the same task performed under sleep deprivation. Via Prof. J. Christian Gillin, M.D. in NeuroReport 1999. Read more.]

title Health Matters: Sleep Disorders
description "Sleep disorders are a major public health concern affecting millions of individuals, families, and communities on a daily basis. We are a chronically overtired country, which often has grave health repercussions." Program ID #13294. Evidence is emerging that sleep deprivation from working graveyard shifts is a probable cause of cancer, and it is well-known that sleep disturbances worsen bipolar disorders. Adequate sleep (for most people, 10 hours, more for children) is not laziness, it's biologically necessary.
producer UCSD-TV
featuring David Granet, Sonia Ancoli-Israel
format Real Video
date 28/10/07
length 00:29:17



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