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Jan 27, 2008

The Science of Love

title The Science of Love
description This cute and funny short film features two professors who fight about a neuroscientific explanation of love but research its pleasures together after a "battle of egos and intellect, swords and [fabulous] stilettos." It also challenges stereotypes of scientists and is pretty accurate about the research it describes, since it was funded by a grant from the Sloan Foundation to do just that. This film is my favourite of the many cultural artifacts with the overused label "science of love". I'd mentioned it before when it was a short film on the festival circuit, but it's now online in its entirety. A must see.
producer director Joyce Draganosky's Hollywon't Productions
featuring Alexandra Neil, Sally Wheeler and others
format streaming Flash
date 2005
length 00:18:34

Happy two year blogoversary to The Neurocritic! <3



At 18:24, Blogger Confusion said...

Link appears to be broken.

Here's the first half on Youtube, it links to the second half in its related links section.

At 18:34, Blogger Sandra said...

Thanks, William. The original link works now too.

At 18:55, Blogger Confusion said...

Might be a regional thing, but it's definitely broken when I click through to watch the video.

May potentially be a regional thing, I am from upsidedownternet-land.


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