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Mar 17, 2008

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

title Understanding Body Dysmorphic Disorder
description A lovely multimedia presentation, video indexed and linked in short clips, which you can download in 3GP to watch on your mobile (or in other formats). Simple Q&A with a doctor, general audience level. There's also a companion patient interview, Recovering from BDD.
producer UCLA Semel Institute, Body Dysmorphic Disorder Program
featuring Dr. Jamie Feusner
format iPod (MPEG4), 3GP, mp3
date unknown
length 00:07:50 in segments under 02:00



At 18:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi,I have spent the last 4 years in deep depression and excessive sensitivity to my acne on my face. I am a junior in college now, but my senior year in high school I started breaking out on my face for the first time due to stress. From the first pimple I felt so ugly, unwanted, unclean, just lacking as a person. I would spend at least 6 hours out of the day fixing and redoing my makeup. Everytime I would talk to anyone face to face I began to wonder and fear what they were thinking and seeing on my face. My pimples were my ugliness, and my dreadful embarassment. Has anyone experienced body dysmorphic disorder? ...I didn't even know this was a disorder until now, and I think I may have had that. I now have my acne under better control, but I try and avoid mirrors now in fear of pimples popping up, or I might get too happy with my appearance and be dissapointed if I start breaking out again.
Hope to hear from someone

At 19:25, Blogger hope said...

The last four years I have been looking in the mirror and seeing the acne that I have had on my face. Before my senior year in high school I had flawless skin. After my senior year I found myself spending up to 6 hours in the mirror fixing and reapplying my makeup. Everytime I would talk to someone, I was so anxious and trying to hide my face from them. I must have looked so scared and uncomfortable. Pimples have haunted me for so long that I feel like avoiding mirrors now that I don't have acne. I feel like if I begin liking my reflection too much again, then I will start breaking out and be punished for vanity.

I did not know that this was a disorder, but I always felt something wrong with me. I believe I have body dysmorphic disorder..anyone out there?


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