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Apr 9, 2008

Law and Neuroscience

title Science Saturday: Brains and Gavels
description Science writer (and ScienceBlogger) Carl Zimmer interviews pioneering cognitive neuroscientist Prof. Michael Gazzaniga about the Law and Neuroscience Project and issues in the field of neuroethics, in a "diavlog" (split-screen cam conversation). A few technical glitches but a good conversation, especially if you're unfamiliar with neuroethics. Some thoughtful viewer comments associated too. Watch it at regular speed, or 1.4x speed.
featuring Michael Gazzaniga, Carl Zimmer
format Flash, WMV, mp3
date 22/02/08
length 00:66:26 or 00:48:20

Via Mind Hacks (a while ago).



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