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May 6, 2008

Award-Winning Neuroethics

title Teen Brain
description Neuroethics and the teen brain. The brain continues developing until about age 25. Questions of moral and legal culpability between ages 18-25, when the brain hasn't developed impulse control and good judgement with the PFC, are explored. Is 18 the right age for legal adulthood? Repercussions include a more educational prison that could keep young adults from being housed with hardcore life offenders and becoming the same. In theory. Host Jonica Newby (above right) won a Eureka Prize for Science Journalism for her work on this episode of the science TV programme Catalyst.
producer ABC [Australia]
featuring Drs. Jonica Newby, Cristos Pentelis, Stephen Wood, Chris Lennings
format WMV, Real Video
date 28/07/05
length 00:12:22



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