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Oct 23, 2008

Neuroscientist from Age Four

title Enter the "i of the vortex"
description Rodolfo Llinás discusses his youth and education in Bogota, Colombia, and aspects of motricity, neurophysiology, and consciousness investigated in his career as a "founding father of brain science." Part of The Science Studio interview series on the exquisite yet underexposed Science Network. A PDF transcript is available.
producer The Science Network
featuring Rodolfo Llinás, Roger Bingham
format Flash
date 17/04/07
length 01:12:00



At 16:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandra, it's so great to see you post something on Llinas. Just a pet peeve, as it's where I have lived for many years at different points - it's Colombia with two o's. And being a cachaco, well, Bogota...

At 00:39, Blogger Sandra said...

Sincere apologies, Daniel, and I've corrected my errors. I live in the province of British Columbia so it's reflexive for me to use a "u" but I have no reason to get Bogota wrong.


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