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Nov 27, 2008

Daughter of a Publisher's Devil

title From the engine of reason to the seat of the soul: A brain-wise conversation
description Roger Bingham interviews "the first couple in philosophy" who specialize in neurophilosophy and neuroethics at the University of California, San Diego. Here they discuss their Canadian heritage (she grew up on a pioneer farm with sod huts and orchards, later her father went into publishing as a "publisher's devil"), science, gender politics and a range of subjects in this lively studio chat. PDF transcript available.
producer The Science Network
featuring Patricia and Paul Churchland
format Flash
date 10/06/06
length approx 01:45:00


Nov 25, 2008

Market Thinking

title Seth Godin: Sliced bread and other marketing delights
description Via the especially good blog Neuronarrative, a TED Talk by business prophet Seth Godin.
producer TED Talks
featuring Seth Godin
format Flash
date 17/05/07
length 00:18:58


Nov 24, 2008

Simulated Brain MIND08

title Designing the Human Mind
description At MIND08, the head of IBM's Blue Brain Project [see animated clip] explains simulation-based research and modelling to a general audience.
producer Seed Media Group
featuring Henry Markram
format Flash
date 04/04/08
length 00:15:28


Nov 23, 2008

Imagery and Comprehending

title The Role of Imagery and Verbal Processing in Reading Comprehension, Hyperlexia, and Autism
description The role of mental imagery in language comprehension, underlying sensory processes, hyperlexia (above-average reading skills with poor comprehension), clinical interventions. A CME credit.
producer UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute, via UCSD-TV
featuring Nanci Bell
format Flash
date 08/12/08
length 01:24:41


Nov 12, 2008

Complex Vision

[Image by focusforward.]

title Vision and the Brain: Unseen Complexities
description Visual perception, in part 1, and part 2. From the Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lectures series (subscribe to RSS vodcast, or audio podcast).
producer University of Washington, via Research Channel
featuring Scott Murray, Melvyn A. Goodale, Steve Buck
format mpeg4, wmv, mov, mp3
date 03/07/07
length 00:51:42 and 00:57:57
direct video link


Nov 10, 2008

Liking Colour

title Aesthetic Science: Understanding Preferences for Color and Spatial Composition
description Visual aesthetics, phenomenological perception, and web site design. Composition and colour preferences, what's visually appealing and to which personality types. Cognitive science research that may be relevant to design. Descriptive science not prescriptive theories, and not neuroaesthetics, Palmer clarifies. Good topic, includes lots of Q&A. Via, a high quality Creative Commons site from Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia.
producer Google Tech Talks
featuring Stephen Palmer
format Flash
date 22/05/07
length 01:08:31


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