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Jan 12, 2009

Memories in Psychiatry

title Try to Remember
description Try to Remember: Psychiatry's Clash over Meaning, Memory, and Mind is a 2008 book by Paul R. McHugh that inspired discussion between the author and a distinguished panel at the Dana Center in Washington. Topics include recovered memories, multiple personalities (MPD or DID), false memories, psychiatry's changing responses, and psychiatric cults (like that famous one with science in its name that isn't about science at all). Their Flash player doesn't display time, allow full screen video, or share embed code, but it's watchable.
producer Dana Foundation
featuring William Safire, Paul R. McHugh, Kay Redfield Jamison, J. Raymond DePaulo, Jr., M.D.
format Flash
date 03/12/08
length approx. 00:60:00



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