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Mar 20, 2009

FACS and Lies

title Conversations with History: Paul Ekman
description Paul Ekman on his career and research with emotions and faces. His Facial Action Coding System (FACS) for microexpressions led to (among other things) the TV drama Lie To Me, in which a gruff researcher (based on Ekman, also a show consultant) and his glamorous employees form The Lightman Group, hired to solve crimes and spot lies. The Neurocritic reveals more.
producer UCTV, University of California Television
featuring Paul Ekman, Harry Kreisler
format Flash
date **/04/04
length 00:56:07

Lie to Me - Season 1 - "Moral Waiver" - Tim Roth as Cal Lightman, Monica Raymund as Ria Torres and Kelli Williams as Gillian Foster (courtesy Adam Taylor/Fox)



At 07:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I liked the video. Are you displaying the events and materials for a specified group or are you just trying to build more of a profile online? Let's catch up sometime.


The Mentalist


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