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Jul 25, 2006

1931 Harvey Cushing neurosurgery

The above portrait of Harvey Cushing by John Singer Sargent was reproduced on a 1988 American postage stamp.

title 2KTumor
description "Harvey Cushing's 2000th Verified Brain Tumor Operation filmed on April 15, 1931 The procedure was photographed and edited by Walter W. Boyd, MD, and Richard U. Light, MD, and narrated by Dr. Light. It begins with Gilbert Horrax preparing the patient and continues through the conclusion of the surgery and a follow-up visit to the patient. As one of Dr. Cushing's last residents, Dr. Light was well qualified to tell this story and includes vignettes about Mildred Codding, Louise Eisenhardt, and 'Adolph.'"
producer Drs. Boyd and Light, Yale University
featuring Harvey Cushing
format .mov
date 1931
length clip approx. 00:02:00, order full length video $$$
level basic



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