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Jul 11, 2006

DBS Neuroethics

One of a collection of videos at the Library of Congress from the 2005 neuroethics conference Hard Science, Hard Choices: Ethical Questions & Public Policies For the Emergent Science of the Brain.

  • Title: Deep Brain Stimulation And Other Brain Technologies
  • Description: "In May 2005, the Library of Congress, the Dana Foundation, Columbia University, and the National Institute of Mental Health gathered leaders in neuroscience and ethics to discuss the rights and wrongs of using or not using new therapies and enhancements. By defining the most advanced and promising research findings, the conference sought to dispel public confusion about what brain science today can and cannot do."
  • Producer: Library of Congress
  • Featuring: Gerald Fischbach, Andres Lozano, John Donoghue, Mahlon DeLong, Robert Goodman, Dennis Spencer, William Heetderks, Mary Faith Marshall, Paul Root Wolpe
  • Format: RealMedia
  • Date: 10/05/05
  • Length: 01:49:00
  • Link:



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