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Jul 2, 2006

The Science of Love part 1

The Lowdown vlog features a Valentine's video on basics of the neurochemistry of love A very popular Valentine's story (now on par with the neurochemistry of chocolate canard), this is a videoblogging take on it. It's hip and fresh to do a vlog on neuroscience with a graffiti background.

  • Title: The Lowdown 018
  • Description: "Tom gives you the lowdown on what 'love' is, on more then the heartfelt, mushy mushy level. Move aside broken hearts and empty souls and make room for chemical imbalance, mental strain and depression!"
  • Producer:
  • Featuring: Tom
  • Format: mpeg4 and Quicktime
  • Date: 14/02/05
  • Length: 00:03:07
  • Link:



At 07:53, Blogger XEI said...

This was a very fun video for us to put together. Tom said he was going to do a "Love" episode for The Lowdown, for the Valentine's Day release. I laughed because I was shocked he had a heart for it. He shocked me again once he started recording the show and I heard his script; I never assumed he'd take this view of it and learned a couple things myself. Thanks for posting our video!

At 22:27, Blogger Sandra said...

No problem, it was a fun clip. Thanks for making it!

At 22:09, Anonymous Nuno Teixeira said...

So sorry! I changed the website around a bit and this link needs some updating! Here is the new landing page:

At 16:00, Blogger Sandra said...

I've updated the link. Thanks for letting me know. :)


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