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Aug 6, 2006

The Science of Love, part four

Excellent in-depth lecture.

title The Drive To Love: The Biology and Evolution of Romantic Love
description Stony Brook Mind/Brain Lecture Series 10th Annual Lecture. Neuroanthropologist Helen Fisher "distinguishes three primary drives that evolved for reproduction: the sex drive, romantic love, and long-term attachment. She will discuss how these three brain networks interact to shape our mating and reproductive strategies. Then using anthropological data and the results of brain scanning studies of men and women who are happily in love and rejected in love, she will reveal the basic traits of romantic love, frustration attraction, abandonment rage, the despair response, addiction to love, and other phenomena associated with romantic passion. Her talk will conclude with global trends that are shaping patterns of sexual behavior, romance, and marriage."
producer Swartz Foundation/Stony Brook University
featuring Helen Fisher, PhD
format Windows Media Video
date 27/03/06
length 01:51:49
level general
links direct to video source:

Ah, love.


swept up



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