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Jan 30, 2007

Demons of the Mind

title Demons of the Mind: Neuroscience and Other Weapons
description Depression, bipolar and unipolar. Perspectives from a number of scientists. " The Office of Scholarly Programs, in conjunction with the Dana Foundation, Heinz Family Philanthropies and the National Institute of Mental Health, sponsored a two-day conference, "Demons of the Mind: 21st Century Science vs. Depression," bringing together top neuroscientists and mental health experts to discuss mental depression."
producer Library of Congress Webcasts
featuring Dr. Gerald Fischbach, Dr. Charles B. Nemeroff, Dr. Dennis S. Charney, Rene Hen, Dr. Wayne C. Drevets, Dr. Helen Mayberg, Dr. Steven Hyman
format RealMedia
date 20/04/06
length 01:35:00
direct video link rtsp://



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