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Mar 27, 2007

Swapping Drugs in Vansterdam

title CAST Vancouver - CAST Launched
description Chronic Addiction Substitution Treatment (CAST) (web site, with more videos and references) is a Vancouver, Canada proposal for a study to begin fall 2007 (as yet unapproved) substituting legal amphetamines for crystal meth and cocaine derivatives in chronic addicts. Similar to methadone treatment, but for stimulant abusers. What CAST fails to adequately address is mental health care for concurrent disorders. Many street addicts have serious mental illnesses and currently receive inadequate, if any, treatment in a city focussed on self-managed wellness plans while planning to close more hospital beds in 2009.
producer CTV British Columbia
featuring Mayor Sam Sullivan and team
format embedded
date 26/02/07
length 00:02:18



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