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Jun 4, 2007

Vintage Online Neuroimaging

title Brain Imaging Demos
description From the Montreal Neurological Institute, a bit of Internet and imaging history from a web site that hasn't been updated since 2001. These animations were created in 1989 on a Pixar workstation by Louis Collins and Sean Marrett, then converted to MPEG and placed online in 1998. The site warns users, "Note: most of these demos require a graphical browser." These are vintage animations from when Pixar made hardware; a web page of historical brain videos. "The McConnell Brain Imaging Centre (BIC) is one of the largest scientific communities in North America dedicated solely to research imaging of the human brain. It consist[ed] of a core group of 10 researchers conducting independent research with high technology brain scanners and sophisticated computational analysis. The program emphasizes quantitative 3-D investigation of brain structure and function." Current status unknown.
producer Montréal Neurological Institute, McGill University
featuring brains
format mpeg
date 24/06/1998
length a few seconds each
direct video link (one sample)



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