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Jul 27, 2007


title What is an Auditory Object?
description "Dr. Griffiths' group works on the analysis of sound by the brain and the way in which this can go wrong in brain disorder. They measure the detection of sound patterns relevant to the understanding of speech, music and environmental sounds. The brain mechanisms that underpin such analysis are investigated by studying the effect of disorders such as stroke on this. Additionally, they carry out functional imaging of normal subjects at the Wellcome Department of Imaging Neuroscience in London to show normal brain activity during sound-pattern analysis. They have a long-standing interest in specific disorders of auditory processing, such as auditory agnosia. Recent work has addressed links between acoustic pattern analysis in developmental disorders (eg dyslexia and Autism) and degenerative disorders (especially dementia)." CIT File ID: 12659 CIT Live ID: 3625. Close-captioned.
producer NIH Neuroscience Seminar Series
featuring Tim Griffiths
format Real Video
date 23/05/05
length 01:02:38
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