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Jul 30, 2007

Hypothalamus and Chronobiology

title Hypothalamic Regulation Of Sleep And Circadian Rhythms
description Neuroanatomy and chronobiology lecture. "The focus of Dr. Saper's laboratory is on the integrated functions maintained by the hypothalamus. These include regulation of wake-sleep cycles, body temperature, and feeding." NLM Classification: WL 312 NLM ID: 101268607 CIT File ID: 12302 CIT Live ID: 3603 Close-captioned.
producer NIH Neuroscience Seminar Series; filmed at Bethesda, Md. National Institutes of Health
featuring Clifford Saper
format Real Video
date 15/11/04
length 01:10:53
direct video link

The description includes, "Rights: This is a work of the United States Government. No copyright exists on this material. It may be disseminated freely." Thanks, America!



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