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Jul 26, 2007

Outsider Video Art

title Perp-Head!!!
description The creator appeared to be suffering classic symptoms of paranoid schizoprenic psychosis and expressed those thoughts (i.e. "Who is talking to your mind?") in this short film that could be considered outsider art. The creator is known on YouTube and for a steady stream of videos about electromagnetic waves and mind control, which may be dismissed as the products of a crank rather than seen as motivated by psychosis. But on the internets, who's to say what the intent was? Or the results, other than a lack of viewers and comments. It's more interesting to view the video in this light (and not to laugh at it at Omni Brain).
producer Suz Lebouef
featuring thoughts
format WMV, Flash
date 2007
length approx 00:01:00



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