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Jul 15, 2007

Researching Alzheimer's

[image from supplementary data for DYNAMICS OF GRAY MATTER LOSS IN ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE, Thompson et al., 2003, J Neurosci. Click to view more animations.]

title Speaking of Science: Alzheimer's: When Will We Find a Cure?
description "Marilyn Albert, The Johns Hopkins University, Allan I. Levey, Emory University, and Richard Mayeux, Columbia University, discussed the latest advances in Alzheimer’s research at a Speaking of Science event, co-hosted by Syracuse University and the Dana Foundation. Guy McKhann, the Johns Hopkins University, and William Safire, chairman, Dana Foundation, served as co-moderators."
producer The Dana Foundation for the Brain
featuring see description
format embed
date 12/06/07
length approx 01:18:00



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