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Sep 13, 2007

Drosophila and Free Will on SciVee

title Order in Spontaneous Behavior
description SciVee companion video to the paper Order in Spontaneous Behavior. There's also a video supplement in the text article, Video S1: Tethered Drosophila. Make a comment, rate the video and paper, and join in community discussions at open access PloS ONE and SciVee. Bora explains more at his Blog Around the Clock. Original article licensed as Creative Commons 2.5, pubcast video is Creative Commons 3.0.
producer Authors: Alexander Maye, Chih-hao Hsieh, George Sugihara, Björn Brembs. Video production by Bjoern Brembs at Freie Universtat Berlin.
featuring Bjoern Brembs
format Flash
date 22/08/07
length 00:10:23
cite PLoS ONE 2007 2(5):e443
cite text article

Visit Bjoern's blog, too; he offers a high-res WMV version of the video, without links to the paper, here. Turned out well, Bjoern. I look forward to the next pubcast (in production now). :)



At 23:43, Anonymous Björn Brembs said...

Yes, I'm currently working on another video for my next paper. However, I can't publish it before the paper is out, obviously. The manuscript is currently with the reviewers for the second time. I'm now hoping for the 4 reviewers recommending publication. Wish me luck!
I'm so enthusiastic about what I learned from this latest study that I'm even thinking of producing a teaser trailer for the pubcast, lol :-)
I'm still lacking a good title screen, though...

At 00:09, Blogger Sandra said...

A trailer for a pubcast would be awesome, I'll play it. Good luck with the paper, I'm sure it'll be published if it's that exciting. :)


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