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Sep 27, 2007


title Hyperlexia Demonstration and the Pathology of a Skill
description Hyperlexia, or precocious reading ability, is sometimes found in children with autistic spectrum disorders. This video highlights it as a super skill that's part of autism's awesomeness, and criticizes the organization Autism Speaks for framing it as a pathological condition accompanying disability. [Depeche Mode's Master and Servant is an odd choice for background music.] There's also a link to a blog with an old press release from Georgetown University announcing The Neural Basis of Hyperlexic Reading: An fMRI Case Study, Turkeltaub et al., Neuron, 2004 (link). From the abstract: "Hyperlexic reading is therefore associated with hyperactivation of the left superior temporal cortex, much in the same way as developmental dyslexia is associated with hypoactivation of this area."
producer YouTube user christschool
featuring various children
format YouTube
date 23/09/07
length 00:06:46
DOI doi:10.1016/S0896-6273(03)00803-1



At 08:12, Anonymous Christschool said...

"Master and Servent" isn't an odd choice if you've been in the position of the servent as most people labled with disabilities have experienced. The Master is the public perception, the servent is the disabled who lack a "voice" in the discussion of what it means to be disabled. Non-disabled people typically feel the right to describe our lives. Because many of us lack the resources of the non-disabled, we are left to live with how they define us.

At 22:19, Blogger Sandra said...

Ah, good point. Thanks for the feedback.


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