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Oct 17, 2007

Educational Gaming

title Playing To Learn
description "Are video games useful educational tools? Interactivity, exploration and use of imagination are all important elements of gaming as well as for learning. There are many games available that allow users to be creative and investigate. But when pupils use games are they learning about the educational principles behind them or just becoming better gamers? What are the challenges in creating an engaging classroom experience that can deliver the right kind of information? … Is interactive technology suitable for everyone? Find out if computer games really could provide a teaching revolution. Is the classroom of the future just a mouse click away?"
producer Dana Centre UK
featuring At The Science Museum in London, host Bill Thompson, Kairen Cullen, Adrian Hall, Steve Heppelx, Martin Oliver.
format mp3, Quicktime
date 07/12/06
length approx. 01:00:00
direct audio link (mp3)



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