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Dec 6, 2007

Clinical Reality of Violence Against Women

title Responding to Violence Against Women
description "...understanding the dynamics of domestic violence by enhancing their response and intervention skills with patients who are victims of domestic violence." More than that, the speaker explains realities, cases and statistics about partners who are abused physically, verbally, sexually and psychologically, and even murdered. Great for debunking myths, especially "why doesn't she just leave, she's so stupid" and "she provokes it." Valuable to anyone touched by this issue - not just clinicians but the victims, family, friends and anyone touched by this epidemic international problem. Domestic violence is not limited to female victims of male partners but happens in same-sex relationships as well. Video is uploaded in six parts; this is Part 1.
producer Emory University Regional Training Center
featuring Mary Krueger, Ph. D.
format Streaming Flash or video iPod
date 13/11/06
length 00:51:18



At 14:36, Blogger broke said...

Thanks for listing my site in your Great Blogs section. Thanks too for your valuable and fascinating site. This post in particular connects with some of my own concerns on the specific mechanisms of violence and abuse.


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