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Jan 22, 2008

Imaging Genetics in Schizophrenia and Williams Syndrome

[image is from a Brain Ethics blog post about Williams Syndrome]

title Translating Between Genes, Brain, and Behavior with Neuroimaging: Neural Mechanisms in Schizophrenia and Williams Syndrome
description Dr. Berman of the NIMH gives two lectures on imaging genetics in these neuropsychiatric disorders, part of the nicely produced M.I.N.D. Institute Distinguished Lecture Series. The one I'm featuring is geared to professionals while the other is a more accessible talk for laypersons, here.
producer University of California Davis M.I.N.D Institute
featuring Karen F. Berman, M.D.
format WMV or Quicktime
date 14/11/07
length 01:13:39
direct video link



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