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Feb 13, 2008

Aneurysm Neurosurgery

Image: Internet Encyclopedia of Science

title Brain Aneurysms
description "Brain aneurysms are challenging to treat, especially since a patient may have no symptoms until the aneurysm ruptures and becomes a life-threatening condition. This edition of Inside Access follows three doctors and their patients, Roxie and Cora, at the UW Medicine Brain Aneurysm Center at Harborview. Cora receives endovascular treatment, while Roxie's surgery includes a technique of bypassing the brain's blood vessels with a graft from her radial artery." Recent winner of a CINE Golden Eagle award - congratulations! UWTV produces some very good science videos with a concise, efficient and informative user inferface (though it could stand a visual design makeover, add some modern motifs). The series Inside Access [not the other Inside Access, the tabloid TV show] is available on podcast and vodcast.
producer UWTV University of Washington Television
featuring Drs. Laligam Sekhar, Gavin Britz, Raj Ghodke
format WMV, Quicktime, MPEG4, mp3
date 18/05/06
length 00:27:34
direct video link



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