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Feb 6, 2008

Brain Vod Modules

Image: An original head-only CT scanner from 1974. Not connected to video, found here.

title Brain Anomaly and Plasticity: Hydrocephalus
description Vintage video, computers and scanners in The Brain: Teaching Modules series, Second Edition (they've edited in many nice brain animations), no longer sold but available as video on demand (VoD) in 32 clips between 5:00-20:00. Try vintage CAT and other neuroimaging demonstrating neuroplasticity after hydrocephalus in this module, number 7. Also try 24. Aggression, Violence and the Brain showing a cat and a bull with implants, then neuroethics and neurolaw in a case study. ISBN 1-57680-263-9 and Annenberg Media is very fussy about copyright, don't download, they remind us on many pages. But they're no longer selling or broadcasting the series, why not Creative Commons? Register to watch if amused by seventies equipment and fashions. That's its value now. Boring to children. Missing some titling. Fashion points.
producer Colorado State University, Annenberg Media
featuring Dr. Erin D. Bigler, patients Sharon, Nicole and others
format streaming Flash
date 197* and 200*
length 00:07:11

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