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Mar 26, 2008

DBS Neurosurgery

[Image: portrait of Mark Niessner, who has a fun and lively patient diary about his DBS experience, including some videos. Not involved with the vodcast below.]

title i on NIH Vodcast Episode #0006
description A US government vodcast complete with transcript, though it's not indexed to the video. A National Institutes of Health (NIH) co-worker developed Parkinson's Disorder, and is featured in a third segment interview. "Host Joe Balintfy: Often promoting the importance of medical research through the NIH Radio News Service and NIH Research Radio Podcast, Bill made the decision to volunteer for a clinical trial, and was selected for the surgical treatment: DBS, which is major brain surgery." He and his neurosurgeon then describe the surgery. Dr. Pancrazio says, "But it really is something that’s very new, it’s something that, you know, our society has a lot of questions about. What does it mean for us and it’s something that I think that every patient who’s participating in a trial is a pioneer." The final segment of the vodcast interviews an NIMH researcher about stress.
producer Joe Balintfy, National Institutes of Health
featuring Bill Schmalfeldt, Dr. Josesh Pancrazio, Dr. Esther Sternberg
format MPEG4
date 12/10/07
length 00:28:23
direct video link



At 04:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for noticing my page. I hope others see it and if suffering from ET or Parkinsons that it helps them through the decission of weather to go trough with surgery or not. Also I am hoping to update it to a real website as opposed to the PBase site I will let youknow when I do.

Thanks Mark N.


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