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Mar 9, 2008

Neuroethical Decisions

title Decisions, Responsibility and the Brain
description 12th annual lecture, for a general audience, features a MacArthur prize-winning neurophilosopher on new questions of ethics, law and free will that accompany neuroscientific discoveries (especially concerning impulse control). "Understanding how the brain works is essential to understanding the mind," says Churchland. "Questions concerning what free choice really amounts to have long been at the center of philosophical reflection. New discoveries, especially those revealing the role of specific neurochemicals and those addressing the nature of impulse-control, lend a special and very practical urgency." Press release.
producer Swartz Foundation's Stonybrook Mind Brain Lecture Series
featuring Patricia Churchland
format live streaming Quicktime
date 10/03/08, begins at 4:30 EST
length near 01:00:00
direct webcast link

It's likely the same lecture previously featured here, but maybe she'll add something for the occasion.



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