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Mar 11, 2008

Neuroscience for Kids in Motion

Image: from Neuroscience for Kids. I put together a puzzle to get the larger image, an ecard, from a thumbnail. Check out more puzzles and ecards, many created for this Brain Awareness Week.

title BrainWorks
description "With the help of five kids, host Eric Chudler [of the awesome, award-winning Neuroscience for Kids web site] takes viewers on a journey inside of the brain. The show begins in the studio with an introduction to the nervous system. The kids then visit laboratories where they learn about automatic functions of the brain and how the electrical activity of the brain is recorded. Back in the studio, the kids see a real human brain and build their own model nerve cells and brains." Exuberent science education. Info is aimed at adolescents, in an introduction to the brain with many statistics, demos, and fun primitive visualizations with balloons and clay.
producer University of Washington
featuring Eric Chudler, Brian Ross, Kathleen Mulligan, Debra Rollevson
format streaming in WMP, Quicktime or as a single podcast or vodcast in MPEG4, mp3
date 13/04/06
length 00:28:30



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