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Apr 21, 2008

Pediatric Strokes

title Kids Having Strokes
description "Did you know that children can have strokes ... even fetuses still in the womb? Recognizing strokes right away – and knowing what to do about them – is crucial in limiting the damage they can do to the rest of a child’s life." Interesting cases and discussion in a good episode of Keeping Kids Healthy, a four-time Emmy award-winning TV show.
producer Montefiore Medical Center with WNET
featuring Henry Daniel, Ali Daniel, Brady Jones, Timothy Johnson, Thomas Jones, Beth Jones, Diane Mulligan-Fairfield, Dawn Kleindorfer, MD, Karen Ballaban-Gil, MD, and host Winnie King, M.D.
format Flash
date 29/11/06
length 00:15:15

Tags: documentary


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