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May 19, 2008

Paranoid Thoughts

[Image: a still from the simulation, this female avatar is programmed to look up at you if you look at her long enough.]

title Paranoia on the Tube
description A video press release by Daniel Freeman on his research using VR avatars to simulate social conditions on London's tube, or subway, and finding that nearly a third of participants had some self-reported paranoid thoughts. Predictors included inflexible thinking and anxiety. His conclusion is that paranoid thoughts are not confined to serious mental illness, they are more common. He speaks well and you can watch the VR simulation as he describes elements of it. In his BJP abstract he says, "The use of virtual reality should lead to rapid advances in the understanding of paranoia." Let's see more, then.
producer Wellcome Trust
featuring Dr. Daniel Freeman
format Flash
date 01/04/08
length near 00:04:00

Thank you Mind Hacks for prompting me to look for the VR video.



At 13:35, Anonymous terraflora said...

What a great resource you have created here! Thanks for all the work of finding this good stuff. I've already passed on a couple links to my grad school cohort!!

I found you via TopTwoInches blog and on from there... to you!

THANKS again. I will stop back by!


At 15:07, Blogger Sandra said...

Thanks, Terraflora. :)


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