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Jul 1, 2008

Basis of Consciousness

[Image: Christof Koch, with Apple logo tattoo. Via his home page.]

title Christof Koch: Towards the Neuronal Basis of Consciousness
description Peppy yet dense talk at the Columbia 250 Brain and Mind symposium. The lecture is indexed into 11 brief "chapters" (navigating is not great). incuding "recording single neurons in conscious humans," chapters on zombies, motion-induced blindness, flash suppression, and more. Accompanied by slides, a transcript pdf, and a link to a NYT profile of Koch and Crick.
producer Columbia University
featuring Christof Koch, Ph.D.
format Real Video
date 13/05/04
length 00:58:15



At 12:29, Anonymous Andrew Hires said...

Nobel laureate???

A bit premature.

At 13:41, Blogger The Neurocritic said...

Crick is the Nobel laureate, not Koch.

At 14:42, Blogger Sandra said...

Yes, thank you both for catching that. Crick won, as well as some other speakers at the same symposium, who I'll write about next.


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