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Jul 8, 2008


[Image: Yoky Matsuoka on top of the world in Colorado. From an old staff page, before her move to U of Washington.

title Sensory Feedback: Lessons From Robots
description Macarthur Fellow (and Guinness record holder) Matsuoka is a robotics and neuroscience star, working mainly with robotic prosthetics. Here she discusses dexterity and control, together with recent progress in neurorobotics and interfaces.
producer Neural Interfaces Conference
featuring Yoky Matsuoka
format Flash
date 18/06/08
length 00:28:37



At 12:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your site and appreciate the time you put in. I linked to you from my blog:

At 18:50, Blogger Sandra said...

Thank you, I'm flattered. :)


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