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Dec 3, 2008

Puppets to Prevent Delinquency

title Helping Young Aggressive Children "Beat the Odds" - Parents, Teachers, Schools and Dinosaurs
description The prestigious 30th Annual Faculty Lecture featuring Professor Carolyn Webster-Stratton, a psychologist and nurse-practitioner who researches (non-medicinal) interventions with aggressive young children. She's developed a successful curriculum that uses puppets. Parents and teachers communicate with at risk kids to improve their social confidence and self-regulation skills, to head off later cases of Oppositional Defiance Disorder, ADHD and juvenile delinquency. "Early onset aggression in children as young as age 3 is the single most-important predictor of later delinquency, substance abuse and violence." Parent resources. This talk was recommended in the previous lecture on brain science and delinquency.
producer University of Washington, via the Research Channel
featuring Mark A. Emmert, Carolyn Webster-Stratton
format WMV, Quicktime
date 21/02/06
length 00:58:30



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