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Mar 1, 2009

Gender and the Brain

[Short clip embedded above; link to full video below.]

title The Gender Puzzle
description Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, genetics, intersex, and gender beyond chromosomes or culture. A pay per view video on demand (PPV VOD) costing one British pound but worth it. An excellent documentary. From the description: "Scientists are now looking beyond chromosomes to 'brain sex' and the role of newly discovered genes. By studying transsexuals and people on the gender extremes, they believe they can unlock the gender puzzle."
producer Janine Cohen, for ABC Australia
featuring Janine Cohen, Christie North & family, Vince Harley, Andrew Sinclair, Louise Newman, Andie Hider & family, Garry Warne, Fintan Harte, Craig Andrews and many more
format Flash
date 17/11/05
length 00:44:50



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