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Feb 26, 2007

Emotional Memory

title How Does It Feel? Closing the Gap Between Unconscious and Conscious Emotion
description "Using classical fear conditioning as way of inducing emotional memories in rats, they have mapped the neural pathways by which sensory stimuli enter and flow through the brain in the process of fear learning. This work implicated specific circuits in within the amygdala as essential for the formation of memories of the fear conditioning experience. It is now clear that the same brain system underlies fear learning in and humans. The detailed mechanisms of fear, which can only be uncovered through animal studies, are thus applicable to understanding fear processing in the human brain."
producer NIH Neuroscience Seminar Series
featuring Joseph Ledoux, Ph.D., New York University
format RealMedia
date 05/02/07
length 01:05:55
direct video link


Corpus Callosum Development

title Tensor Mapping of the Corpus Callosum Growth During Brain Development
description The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), Child Psychiatry Branch, offers this look at development of the corpus callosum, an area of the brain bridging the two hemispheres, using diffusion tensor imaging time-lapsed over years in male and female brains. No audio, no video info.
producer NIMH Child Psychiatry Branch
featuring brain scans
format Quicktime
date unknown
length approx 00:02:00
direct video link

Above image is from the film Corpus Callosum (2002) by venerable Canadian artist Michael Snow.


Feb 24, 2007

Physical Basis of Mental Illness

title Finding More Effective Mental Illness Diagnoses and Treatments
description Dr. Robert Cancro, founder of the Mental Illness Prevention Center, discusses implications of the ongoing discoveries of biological markers of mental illnesses. Neuroimaging, physiological and genetic research is leading to tools to diagnose mental illness in early stages, and screening prior to onset. Poor audio recording quality and no video info, but worth a look.
producer unknown
featuring Dr. Robert Cancro
format Quicktime
date unknown; vlogged 07/02/07
length approx 00:08:00

Via the terrific blog Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments, which is now vlogging.


Feb 22, 2007

Minimally Conscious

title Woman Recovers Brain Function
description After a severe traumatic brain injury, a "medical miracle" woman spent 20 years in a minimally conscious state ("a condition of severely altered consciousness in which minimal but definite behavioral evidence of self or environmental awareness is demonstrated"*) until she became able to communicate again. Despite damage to short term memory, she retains temporally-altered long term memory, curiously believing she is still 18 but aware of events over the years.
producer CBS News, with Time magazine
featuring Sarah Scantlin, her family and doctors
format embedded
date 21/01/07
length 00:05:47

Via Science and Consciousness Review.

* The minimally conscious state: Definition and diagnostic criteria, Giacino et al., Neurology 2002;58:349-353 [free full text]. Image above is from this article.


Feb 20, 2007

Imaging Genetics Videos

title What Brain Imagers need to know about Genetics
description Half-day workshop tutorial on video with handouts in .pdf, from the 2007 UC Irvine International Imaging Genetics Conference (complete archive, and the first two conferences from 2005 and 2006 are also online). Good stuff.
producer UC Irvine
featuring Dr. Fabio Macciardi
format Real Media
date 14/01/07
length 03:12:34 [large file!]


Feb 12, 2007

Insight Into Lack Of Insight

title I Am Not Sick, I Don't Need Help: Research on Poor Insight and How We Can Help
description Anosognosia is a lack of insight about one's own illness during psychosis in mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In a long lecture at the Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia, Xavier Amador discusses issues involved.
producer Podium TV
featuring Dr. Xavier Amador, adjunct professor in Clinical Psychology at Teacher’s College, Columbia University
format Google video
date 24/06/05
length 01:51:06


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