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Dec 28, 2007

Bipolar Mashups

title Co-Occurrence of Bipolar Disorder, OCD, ICDs, and Treatment Implications
description Bipolar co-occuring with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), impulse control disorders (ICD) like intermittent explosive disorder (IED), addictions, binge eating, bulimia nervosa, gambling, and borderline personality disorder (BPD). The focus is on various relevant drug treatments and trials (but little else). From the Seventh International Conference on Bipolar Disorder.
producer University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
featuring Paul E Keck Jr MD
format custom player with embedded Real Video and slides
date 08/06/07
length approximately 00:30:00
direct video link


Dec 27, 2007

Social Neuroscience

title The Naked Brain
description Social neuroscience explained by neuropsychiatrist Richard Restak. OT - Exceptionally gorgeous, adaptable and informative webcast design by Seriously wow, it's video geekery glee. has raised the bar for everyone presenting video online. (Are you listening, Research Channel, MIT World, UCTV, NIH?)
producer Politics and Prose Bookstore at
featuring Richard Restak
format iPod video, PSP, MP4, MP3, Flash embed
date 04/11/06
length 00:48:57


Dec 26, 2007

Explaining Memory

[Image, obviously, is by Doonesbury]

title Neurobiology of Memory: How Do We Acquire, Consolidate and Recall Memory
description "In labs around the world, mice learn to navigate complex mazes, locate chocolaty rewards, and after an interval, run the mazes again with maximum efficiency, swiftly collecting all the sweets. But in Susumu Tonegawa’s lab, the mutant mice he has created cannot perform these tasks. Tonegawa “ knocks out” a gene that impairs a specific part of the mouse hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for spatial memory, among other things. Mutant mice struggle to acquire and recall information about their surroundings. Tonegawa’s work involves manipulating genes to explore memory and learning from the most basic biochemical and cellular levels, up to the most complex behaviors." Tonegawa is a Nobel Laureate who resigned as head of the Picower Institute after exposure of his sexism. Bet he'd like to purge that from memory.
producer Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT
featuring Susumu Tonegawa
format Real Video
date 01/10/03
length 01:02:40


Dec 23, 2007


title Overview of Immunopathogenic Mechanisms
description From the 2004 Rare Neuroimmunologic Disorders Symposium. Got time to kill over the holidays? The entire 2004 conference is here, and there are many more videos from events from other years at
producer Johns Hopkins Transverse Myelitis Center and The Transverse Myelitis Association
featuring Peter A. Calabresi
format streaming Flash
date 19/08/04
length 00:38:02


Dec 19, 2007

Geriatric Psychiatry

title Depression, Delirium & Dementia: What Should We Be Doing?
description On mental health in the elderly, and geriatric psychiatry. This lecture is directed to a general audience, but is fairly detailed. Of obvious importance in an aging population. "…covers such topics as: knowledge of resources; treatments; the benefits of early diagnosis and interventions for depression; and post-operative delirium in the hospital. Dr. Sommer also advises about assessment of capacity, and depression and its medical and non pharmacological treatment."
producer Stanford University
featuring Barbara Sommer
format Real Video or streaming Google
date 10/09/06
length 00:48:41


Dec 17, 2007


title neuroArm
description Video press release about the neuroArm, a remote computer assisted neurosurgery telerobotic device that can work inside an MRI. FTW! Except there hasn't been any official news since its launch last spring; it was supposed to go into clinical trials last summer (2007) but I don't know if any surgeries have been performed yet. EDIT - The first surgery was performed on May 12, 2008: an historic, successful event.
producer University of Calgary
featuring Garnette Sutherland and others
format Flash
date 17/04/07
length 00:06:10


Dec 12, 2007

Basics of Schizophrenia

title The Real Story of Schizophrenia
description Brief video explaining current theories of the disorder, along with people who have schizophrenia describing their experiences. Low-quality video dub.
producer British Columbia Schizophrenia Society
featuring various
format Flash
date 30/04/07
length 00:04:46


Dec 9, 2007

Sleep Disorders

[Image: top row shows brain activity during a math task with adequate sleep, while the bottom row shows the same task performed under sleep deprivation. Via Prof. J. Christian Gillin, M.D. in NeuroReport 1999. Read more.]

title Health Matters: Sleep Disorders
description "Sleep disorders are a major public health concern affecting millions of individuals, families, and communities on a daily basis. We are a chronically overtired country, which often has grave health repercussions." Program ID #13294. Evidence is emerging that sleep deprivation from working graveyard shifts is a probable cause of cancer, and it is well-known that sleep disturbances worsen bipolar disorders. Adequate sleep (for most people, 10 hours, more for children) is not laziness, it's biologically necessary.
producer UCSD-TV
featuring David Granet, Sonia Ancoli-Israel
format Real Video
date 28/10/07
length 00:29:17


Dec 6, 2007

Clinical Reality of Violence Against Women

title Responding to Violence Against Women
description "...understanding the dynamics of domestic violence by enhancing their response and intervention skills with patients who are victims of domestic violence." More than that, the speaker explains realities, cases and statistics about partners who are abused physically, verbally, sexually and psychologically, and even murdered. Great for debunking myths, especially "why doesn't she just leave, she's so stupid" and "she provokes it." Valuable to anyone touched by this issue - not just clinicians but the victims, family, friends and anyone touched by this epidemic international problem. Domestic violence is not limited to female victims of male partners but happens in same-sex relationships as well. Video is uploaded in six parts; this is Part 1.
producer Emory University Regional Training Center
featuring Mary Krueger, Ph. D.
format Streaming Flash or video iPod
date 13/11/06
length 00:51:18


Dec 5, 2007

Learning by Doing

title Genetic dissection of learning-by-doing in Drosophila
description "Informal presentation at the Alergic seminar series of the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. I talk about learning-by-doing in flies (Drosophila) and how genetic tools can be used to dissect the neurobiological mechanisms underlying it." Watch it streaming on Google video, and there's also a Hi-res DiVX mpeg available for download.
producer University of Sussex
featuring Bjoern Brembs
format Streaming Flash or mpeg
date 2007
length 00:52:00


Dec 3, 2007

Blue Brain Neocortical Column Visualization

title Blue Brain Project: Simulating the whole column of 10,000 neurons
description State of the art in 2006, here's a low-res copy of a real-time visualization of 10,000 neurons in the neocortical column of a rat brain. Produced by Visualbiotech for the Blue Brain Project (which has been low-profile lately but for an [old] image recently published in Technology Review). There's another low-res clip in a lecture video by Henry Markham, The Emergence of Intelligence in the Neocortical Microcircuit.
producer Visualbiotech
featuring n/a
format Flash
date 2006
length approximately 00:00:40


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