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Jan 31, 2008

Psychology of Global Warming

title Dan Gilbert
description Wonder why humans can't get it together to get together and solve world problems? Stumbling on Happiness author/psychologist Dan Gilbert has some ideas. He heads the Hedonic Psychology Lab at Harvard. Media-savvy, he's an entertaining speaker. A memorable quote from this talk: "The fact is that climate change, if it were caused by gay sex, or caused by the practice of eating puppies, millions of Americans would right now be massing on the street insisting that the administration do something about it."
producer Pop!Tech
featuring Daniel Gilbert
format Quicktime, Flash or mp3
date 2007
length 00:09:15
direct video link


Jan 30, 2008

Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy

title Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy
description "PML is a rare viral disease that can affect people with weakened immune systems, developing more often in AIDS patients. ...covers several topics including: understanding pathobiology; recognizing clinical manifestations; and exploring immunological perturbations."
producer University of Kentucky Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series
featuring Dr. Joseph R. Berger
format WMV or Quicktime
date 07/09/06
length 00:58:00


Jan 27, 2008

The Science of Love

title The Science of Love
description This cute and funny short film features two professors who fight about a neuroscientific explanation of love but research its pleasures together after a "battle of egos and intellect, swords and [fabulous] stilettos." It also challenges stereotypes of scientists and is pretty accurate about the research it describes, since it was funded by a grant from the Sloan Foundation to do just that. This film is my favourite of the many cultural artifacts with the overused label "science of love". I'd mentioned it before when it was a short film on the festival circuit, but it's now online in its entirety. A must see.
producer director Joyce Draganosky's Hollywon't Productions
featuring Alexandra Neil, Sally Wheeler and others
format streaming Flash
date 2005
length 00:18:34

Happy two year blogoversary to The Neurocritic! <3


Jan 22, 2008

Imaging Genetics in Schizophrenia and Williams Syndrome

[image is from a Brain Ethics blog post about Williams Syndrome]

title Translating Between Genes, Brain, and Behavior with Neuroimaging: Neural Mechanisms in Schizophrenia and Williams Syndrome
description Dr. Berman of the NIMH gives two lectures on imaging genetics in these neuropsychiatric disorders, part of the nicely produced M.I.N.D. Institute Distinguished Lecture Series. The one I'm featuring is geared to professionals while the other is a more accessible talk for laypersons, here.
producer University of California Davis M.I.N.D Institute
featuring Karen F. Berman, M.D.
format WMV or Quicktime
date 14/11/07
length 01:13:39
direct video link


Jan 21, 2008

Single-Sided Hearing Loss

title Dr. J. Thomas Roland on One-Sided Hearing Loss
description Evaluation, early intervention and management of.
producer's NYU Medical Center Wellness Series
featuring J. Thomas Roland, Jr., MD
format iPod video, PSP, MP4, MP3, Flash embed
date 13/09/07
length 00:13:31


Jan 10, 2008

Art and Memory

title Memory Map
description Interactive art installation video, with memories recorded and mapped to audio in physical space. "Memory Map is a kind an electronic dance in which spoken memories and their movement in physical space become the principal performers. It explores issues of the physical mapping of conceptual space and the use of 3-D sound which should be of interest both to the art and interface research communities." More info here, and old Shockwave documentation here. Vintage, but memorably good.
producer Stephen Wilson
featuring speaking viewers (anonymous)
format Quicktime
date 1993
length near 00:03:00
direct video link


Jan 6, 2008


title Oliver Sacks: Musicophilia
description Renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks discusses his latest book. Delves into amusia (tone deafness), music therapy, musical hallucinations, imagined music, musically-induced seizures and more.
producer Domician University of California, on
featuring Oliver Sacks
format iPod video, PSP, MP4, MP3, Flash embed
date 21/10/07
length 01:20:45

Also check out my interview with music neuroscientist Robert Zatorre about earworms: Why That Song's Stuck in Your Head.


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