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Apr 28, 2008

TMS Neurorehab

[Image: illustration by Elena Allen/UC Berkeley]

title Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and the Rehabilitation of Spatial Cognition
description TMS used to investigate normal neural mechanisms of spatial processing and attention, use for neurorehab of attention dysfunction and spatial cognition, some limitations of TMS, and potential uses of the technology. Nice production, presented in four fifteen-minute streaming segments, or you can download or request a DVD of the complete lecture.
producer The Neuro-Cognitive Rehabilitation Research Network
featuring Christopher D. Chambers, Ph.D.
format Flash, MPEG4 (zipped), free DVD
date 20/11/06
length 00:54:16


Apr 25, 2008

Nature Nurture

title Catalyst: Nature Nurture
description Genetic testing for behaviours; a reporter/doctor gets tested at Otago University for a possible depression gene (MAOA). Science TV production, with beautiful footage shot on a boat in New Zealand. Transcript provided.
producer Louise Heywood for ABC
featuring Drs. Jonica Newby, Richie Poulton, Kay Wilhelm, Peter Schofield
format Real Video, WMV
date 19/05/05
length 00:10:35
direct video link
direct video link


Apr 23, 2008

PTSD Panorama

title PTSD: When Remembering Hurts
description Discussion of the many presentations of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), with lots of statistics and neurobiological/neuropsychiatric research. Dr. Stein is Professor of Psychiatry at UCSD and Scientific Director, Center for Stress and Mental Health, VA San Diego Health Care System. (There's also another video at Channel N with Dr. Stein, he was a guest on UCTV's Health Matters discussing Social Anxiety Disorder.) This is the 2008 Richard Rosen MD Memorial Anxiety Disorders Lecture, part of the Semel Institute's long-running Psychiatry Grand Rounds vodcast (and summary podcast) series).
producer Semel Institute
featuring Murray B. Stein, MD MPH FRCPC
format Real Video
date 26/02/08
length 00:58:13
direct video link


Apr 22, 2008


title Math Anxiety 101
description Learning about learning: ENGAMMETRON is the work of the Educational Neuroscience Group for Research into Affect and Mentation / in Mathematics Education (ENGRAM/ME) at Simon Fraser University. Experiments combine EEG with eye tracking, heart rate, breathing rate, skin conductance, and blinking and pupillary responses. A Canadian educational TV show profile of the lab, with excellent editing.
producer Knowledge Network
featuring Nova Ami, Stephen Campbell, Kate Patten
format Quicktime, MPEG4
date 18/02/08
length 00:08:39
direct video link


Apr 21, 2008

Pediatric Strokes

title Kids Having Strokes
description "Did you know that children can have strokes ... even fetuses still in the womb? Recognizing strokes right away – and knowing what to do about them – is crucial in limiting the damage they can do to the rest of a child’s life." Interesting cases and discussion in a good episode of Keeping Kids Healthy, a four-time Emmy award-winning TV show.
producer Montefiore Medical Center with WNET
featuring Henry Daniel, Ali Daniel, Brady Jones, Timothy Johnson, Thomas Jones, Beth Jones, Diane Mulligan-Fairfield, Dawn Kleindorfer, MD, Karen Ballaban-Gil, MD, and host Winnie King, M.D.
format Flash
date 29/11/06
length 00:15:15

Tags: documentary

Apr 17, 2008

Errorless Learning and Aphasia

Image: album cover for Fact and Fiction by Aphasia, a Japanese all-female heavy metal band. No connection to the lecture.

title A Role for Executive Functions in Errorful and Errorless Learning: Evidence from Aphasia
description Professional presentation on errorless learning in neurorehabilitation for aphasia. View it in streaming Flash broken into three short segments, download the 45-minute presentation to watch the whole thing offline, or request a free DVD. Nice seamless presentation with slides in the video.
producer The Neuro-Cognitive Rehabilitation Research Network
featuring Matthew A Lambon Ralph, Ph.D.
format Flash or MPEG4
date 10/07/06
length 00:44:58


Apr 16, 2008

Fisher's Science of Love

title Helen Fisher: The science of love, and the future of women
description Neuroanthropologist Helen Fisher discusses her "science of love" research on the neural correlates of love, social implications, reproductive freedom and women, how SSRIs might be making a loveless society, and more. An engaging speaker, directed to a general audience.
producer TED Talks
featuring Helen Fisher
format Flash, MPEG4, mp3
date **/02/06
length 00:23:39


Apr 14, 2008

Memory Mechanisms

title Mechanisms of Memory-Guided Behavior in Prefrontal Cortex, Entorhinal Cortex and Hippocampus
description A lecture on the physiological mechanisms of memory using both computational modelling of neurons and behavioural analysis, in rats. Close captioned.
producer National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
featuring Michael E. Hasselmo, Ph.D.
format Real Video
date 24/10/05
length 01:01:27
direct video link


Apr 10, 2008

Operant Conditioning

title Operant Conditioning
description Pioneering behavioural psychologist B.F. Skinner talking about gambling, reinforcement and free will in a short video clip from an unidentified vintage documentary on operant conditioning. For more vintage clips including the famous pigeons playing ping pong, visit the B.F. Skinner Foundation audio/video page.
producer unknown
featuring B.F. Skinner
format Flash
date unknown
length 00:03:57


Apr 9, 2008

Law and Neuroscience

title Science Saturday: Brains and Gavels
description Science writer (and ScienceBlogger) Carl Zimmer interviews pioneering cognitive neuroscientist Prof. Michael Gazzaniga about the Law and Neuroscience Project and issues in the field of neuroethics, in a "diavlog" (split-screen cam conversation). A few technical glitches but a good conversation, especially if you're unfamiliar with neuroethics. Some thoughtful viewer comments associated too. Watch it at regular speed, or 1.4x speed.
featuring Michael Gazzaniga, Carl Zimmer
format Flash, WMV, mp3
date 22/02/08
length 00:66:26 or 00:48:20

Via Mind Hacks (a while ago).


Apr 7, 2008


title Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury: Current Issues
description "…issues related to diagnosing PTSD in individuals with mild to moderate TBI, prevalence estimates and treatment strategies." Some technical glitches and poor quality video, with slides in separate PDFs, so it's a bit unwieldy but worth viewing. It seems to have been attended by only nine or so people so I'm glad to give it a wider audience. Part of the ongoing webcast series for professionals, Idaho Traumatic Brain Injury Virtual Program Grand Rounds. Disclaimer: "The contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and you should not infer endorsement by the Federal government." Okay.
producer Idaho State University
featuring Ariel J. Lang, Ph.D, MPH, and Dewleen Baker, M.D.
format Flash
date 29/11/07
length 01:55:54
PDF links presentation 1 and presentation 2


Apr 3, 2008


title Dementia: Myths versus Realities
description "See why dementia is often misunderstood in our society. What are the common causes, symptoms and treatment options for those living with the condition?" General audience target but with specifics, and fairly good production values. Hosted by the Research Channel, which now offers video and audio podcasts and downloads of the programs it curates. Subscribe to subject or series.
producer Stanford University Medical Center Health Hour
featuring Simon Tan, PsyD
format WMV, Quicktime, MPEG4, mp3
date 27/09/07
length 00:58:26
direct video link


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