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May 29, 2008

Mindfulness Meditation

title Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation
description Mindfulness meditation is very hot topic right now, and this talk outlines some of the basics. It focusses on mindfulness as related to Social Anxiety Disorder, with a sprinkling of neuroscience, and is geared to a lay audience (in this case, Google staff).
producer Google Tech Talks
featuring Philippe Goldin
format Flash
date 28/02/08
length 00:48:53


May 22, 2008

Never-Treated Mood Disorders

title Structural and functional brain changes in patients with never treated mood disorders
description At the MHA 2008 Research Colloquium, Dr. MacQueen speaks about cognitive deficits that accompany never treated mood disorders, how they impact on education, and touches on some long-term consequences (i.e. she says low education is a bigger predictor of heart attack than lipids, cholesterol and smoking combined!) of ignoring the problem. She discusses both structural and functional changes in the brain, and hippocampal-dependent learning and memory impairments.
producer BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network
featuring Glenda MacQueen, MD, FRCP(C), PhD
format Flash
date 14/02/08
length 00:58:22
link to PDF presentation


May 19, 2008

Paranoid Thoughts

[Image: a still from the simulation, this female avatar is programmed to look up at you if you look at her long enough.]

title Paranoia on the Tube
description A video press release by Daniel Freeman on his research using VR avatars to simulate social conditions on London's tube, or subway, and finding that nearly a third of participants had some self-reported paranoid thoughts. Predictors included inflexible thinking and anxiety. His conclusion is that paranoid thoughts are not confined to serious mental illness, they are more common. He speaks well and you can watch the VR simulation as he describes elements of it. In his BJP abstract he says, "The use of virtual reality should lead to rapid advances in the understanding of paranoia." Let's see more, then.
producer Wellcome Trust
featuring Dr. Daniel Freeman
format Flash
date 01/04/08
length near 00:04:00

Thank you Mind Hacks for prompting me to look for the VR video.


May 15, 2008

Damasio on Emotion

[Image: portrait of Antonio Damasio, from Conscious Entities.]

title Advances on the Neurobiology of Emotion: Taking Stock
description In a long, slightly muffled lecture, the legendary Antonio Damasio talks about issues to do with emotions and the brain, spanning his career and looking forward.
producer Princeton University
featuring Antonio Damasio
format Real Video or WMV
date 16/11/06
length 01:44:30
direct video link
direct video link


May 7, 2008


title Stephen Murdoch Discusses IQ
description Author Stephen Murdoch discusses the history of IQ tests, including abuses, and why it's a surprisingly emotional topic.
producer The Commonwealth Club of California and
featuring Stephen Murdoch
format Flash, mp3, mp4
date 16/04/08
length 00:44:43


May 6, 2008

Award-Winning Neuroethics

title Teen Brain
description Neuroethics and the teen brain. The brain continues developing until about age 25. Questions of moral and legal culpability between ages 18-25, when the brain hasn't developed impulse control and good judgement with the PFC, are explored. Is 18 the right age for legal adulthood? Repercussions include a more educational prison that could keep young adults from being housed with hardcore life offenders and becoming the same. In theory. Host Jonica Newby (above right) won a Eureka Prize for Science Journalism for her work on this episode of the science TV programme Catalyst.
producer ABC [Australia]
featuring Drs. Jonica Newby, Cristos Pentelis, Stephen Wood, Chris Lennings
format WMV, Real Video
date 28/07/05
length 00:12:22


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