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Jul 31, 2008

Molecular Bipolar

title Neuronal Plasticity Cascades: Genes to Behavior Pathways in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
description Moving away from the touchy-feely stuff, let's get molecular. A leading expert on bipolar disorder discusses neuronal cascades from gene expression to receptors to behaviours to drugs to plasticity, with a look at recent innovative research into tamoxifen, AMPA and NMDA antagonists (like ketamine) and why ketamine may be more effective than SSRIs. Also: using high-density EEG and MEG to detect synaptic changes, gene expression and cellular plasticity, neuroprotective proteins and mood stabilizers, micro RNA binding and more. Snappy talk on cutting edge topics.
producer Seventh International Conference on Bipolar Disorder at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
featuring Husseini Manji, MD
format custom player with slides
date 07/06/07
length approx. 00:30:00
direct video link


Jul 24, 2008

Wallace on Depression

title Mike Wallace on Depression
description Public TV production about a disorder that is common but misunderstood. News veteran Mike and wife Mary Wallace on his depression, hope and treatment. This episode was one of three from the Health Minds series on mental health to win a gold Telly Award.
producer Theresa Statz-Smith and Mary Puma of Healthy Minds for PBS affiliate WLIW21 and NARSAD
featuring Mike Wallace, Mary Wallace, Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein
format Flash
date 2006
length approx 00:25:00


Affect Effects

title General and Specific Cognitive Deficits in Bipolar Depression
description Scores on neurpsychological cognitive tests by people with bipolar depression.
producer Seventh International Conference on Bipolar Disorder at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
featuring Richard Keefe PhD
format Real Video (embedded in custom player with slides)
date 08/06/07
length 00:16:37


Jul 16, 2008

Gender and Science

[Image: from the Gender Subversion Poster Kit (and colouring book)]

title The Science of Gender and Science: A Conversation with Steven Pinker and Elizabeth Spelke
description The two Professors of Psychology at Harvard discuss controversial issues of gender and science. Sociology, psychology and biology. Transcript here.
producer Harvard Mind/Brain/Behavior with
featuring Elizabeth Spelke, Steven Pinker
format Quicktime, mp3
date 22/04/05
length 02:05:29
direct video link


Jul 8, 2008


[Image: Yoky Matsuoka on top of the world in Colorado. From an old staff page, before her move to U of Washington.

title Sensory Feedback: Lessons From Robots
description Macarthur Fellow (and Guinness record holder) Matsuoka is a robotics and neuroscience star, working mainly with robotic prosthetics. Here she discusses dexterity and control, together with recent progress in neurorobotics and interfaces.
producer Neural Interfaces Conference
featuring Yoky Matsuoka
format Flash
date 18/06/08
length 00:28:37


Jul 7, 2008

Remembering Bebe

title Global Lens Interviews Bebe Moore Campbell
description The successful author discusses her novel 72 Hour Hold, her experience with depression, and NAMI activism. Part 1 and Part 2 here (download the MPEG4s, there's something wrong with the vodcast links). I'm presenting these videos to celebrate July 2008 as Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month (as officially proclaimed in America). Bebe suffered from recurrent depression, and died of brain cancer in 2006. She was a mental health advocate for NAMI and won an award for her children's book Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry about a young girl whose mother has bipolar disorder.
producer Global Lens
featuring Bebe Moore Campbell, Ashok Gangadean
format MPEG4
date 05/07/06
length 00:13:36 (in two parts)


Jul 2, 2008

Oh Happiness

title How to be Happy
description Positive psychology and Laughter Yoga under scientific and Canadian television scrutiny.
producer CBC
featuring Ann-Marie MacDonald, Senia Maymin, Dr. Ed Diener, Robert Biswas-Diener, Chris Peterson, Dr. John Zelenski, Dr. Martin Seligman, Dr. Ilona Boniwell, Dr. Carol Kauffman
format WMV
date 14/02/08
length 00:41:53


Jul 1, 2008


[Image: Richard Axel photo by Hans Mehlin in P&S]

title Scents and Sensibility: Towards a Molecular Logic of Perception
description The 250th Anniversary of Columbia University (Columbia250) in 2004 seemed a grand event, and it's well-documented online. Among the symposia is Brain and Mind. It attracted many prestigious speakers including Nobel laureates Richard Axel and Eric Kandel. The last speaker I featured, however, wasn't a laureate (d'oh!) but he collaborated with a very famous one, Francis Crick. Richard Axel and Linda Buck were co-awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2004 for their work discovering and exploring olfactory neurons, an exciting and comparatively understudied microfield of neuroscience. Axel describes aspects in this lecture, and you can watch hers (PDF) and his (PDF) Nobel Lectures. I've featured hers on Channel N previously, it's very interesting. All three of these lectures are well worth viewing if you can spare an evening.
producer Columbia University
featuring Richard Axel
format Real Video
date 13/05/04
length 00:42:50
PDF link


Basis of Consciousness

[Image: Christof Koch, with Apple logo tattoo. Via his home page.]

title Christof Koch: Towards the Neuronal Basis of Consciousness
description Peppy yet dense talk at the Columbia 250 Brain and Mind symposium. The lecture is indexed into 11 brief "chapters" (navigating is not great). incuding "recording single neurons in conscious humans," chapters on zombies, motion-induced blindness, flash suppression, and more. Accompanied by slides, a transcript pdf, and a link to a NYT profile of Koch and Crick.
producer Columbia University
featuring Christof Koch, Ph.D.
format Real Video
date 13/05/04
length 00:58:15


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